Make your ideas for sustainable future come true and win 10,000€

Join us for a 3 weeks hackathon with intensive mentoring session to create the next breakthrough in sustainable forestry and agriculture.

Organised by Earthling Indonesia e.V.
Supported by the Embassy of Republic Indonesia in Berlin
Powered by Techbros GmbH

This Year's Topic

Computer Vision for Forestry and Agriculture in Indonesia

with focus on: Biodiversity Maintenance, Life Environment Analysis, Worker's Wellbeing, Conservation and Carbon Reserve Assessment, and Precision Agriculture.

The back story

More than ever, the world needs a revolution in the agricultural, farming, and forestry sectors. With the increasing global population, humanity is once again presented with a challenge to utilise technology to maximise the limited resources we have. At least 33,4 million people live off of the agricultural and forestry industries in Indonesia. To sustain our future and enrich the lives of the aforementioned people, we must create greater access towards nutritious food for the current and future generations, optimize the forests’ role as a carbon reservoir, and maintain terrestrial biodiversity.

The urgency of the matter calls for efficient and impactful solutions. In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been an essential tool that fosters the growth of many industries. This technology assists humans in making strategic decisions that allow businesses to better balance economic productivity, holistic prosperity of the people involved in the industry, and counteracting climate change.

Codegreen AI Hackathon challenges everyone to incorporate AI computer vision in the economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable revolution of the agriculture, farming, and forestry industries - starting in Indonesia. In this competition, you will have the chance to develop your unique solutions under intensive professional mentoring and create concrete change!

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Registration Period

26 July - 15 October

Networking Event

26 September

Shortlist 1

16 October - 22 October

Shortlist 1 Announcement

23 October

Video Submission Deadline

31 October

Shortlist 2

1 November - 7 November

Shortlist 2 Announcement

8 November


13 November - 4 December

Award Ceremony

12 December

Post Event

15 January -16 January 2022

Meet Our Judges

Dr. Dietmar Janetzko

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Janetzko

Professor of Information Systems and Business Process Management at Cologne Business School

Gaspar Wosa

Gaspar Wosa

Director Automation & AI Innovation at Ericsson AB, Sweden

What’s the challenge?

Codegreen AI Hackathon awaits the next breakthrough in the future of sustainable agriculture, farming, and forestry. Your solutions may be in the forms of social initiative, business plan, research projects, product development, marketing strategies, and infrastructure plan. Develop an AI computer vision use case that tackles one of our main focus points:

Conservation and Carbon Reserve Assessment

Capacity and growth of carbon reserve measurement, carbon trading, potential, loss prevention from illegal logging or forest fire.

Biodiversity Maintenance

Biodiversity population mapping, behaviour analysis, species' information completion and computation.

Life Environment Analysis

Forest precipitation or forest fire prediction, water and air quality analysis, natural disaster detection.

Worker’s Wellbeing

Exceeded work duration detection, child labor prevention, worker’s safety control.

Precision Agriculture

Pest recognition, crop health and growth monitoring, field performance analysis.

By the end of the Codegreen AI Hackathon, you must develop and present your prototype as a proof of concept for your unique solutions. Most importantly your solution must be efficient, applicable in Indonesia, and incorporates computer vision.

What to consider?

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Construct your team carefully

The Codegreen AI Hackathon presents a rare opportunity for you to develop and materialise your solution.

Within your team, ensure that you are able to produce a solution that is technologically and economically viable in Indonesia as well as being environmentally sustainable.

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Prepare and develop the idea thoroughly

To enter, send us a pitch deck that specifies the problem you want to solve along with details of your proposed solution. Convey your vision using the pitch deck template we provide.

Should you make it through the selections, we expect you to develop your solution during the hackathon period and then present your prototype and proof of concept.

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Be Persuasive

It is up to you to convince us why Indonesia should immediately implement your carefully crafted solution. In Codegreen AI Hackathon, you will have many opportunities to showcase your solutions and competence to various influential stakeholders.

Keep your presentations concise and attractive!

Your task is to develop an innovative and ingenious computer vision use case to solve agriculture, farming, and forestry related issues in Indonesia. By the end of the hackathon we would like to see:

A prototype of your solution as a proof of concept that satisfies your minimum viable product’s criteria.

How to join?

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1. Sign up through our Registration Form

The registration period for Codegreen AI Hackathon is from 26th July to 15th October. You can register by clicking the following button.

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2. Fill Matchmaking Form (Optional)

Are you looking for teammates? If you tick the checkbox provided in the Registration Form (or if you miss it, email us at

Matchmaking Form
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3. Submit your Proposal

After coming up with your innovative idea, submit your pitch deck (max 10 slides) in Submission Form by 15th October 23:59 CEST or 04:59 WIB.

Should you make it to the second shortlist, submit a maximum 20-minutes-long video where you explain your pitch deck in further detail. Submit the video in the Video Submission Form by maximum the 31st of October 2021 at 23:59 CEST or the 1st of November 2021 at 04:59 WIB.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Codegreen AI Hackathon?

Codegreen AI Hackathon is a competition by Earthling Indonesia e.V. and supported by Techbros GmbH. Here we seek the implementation of AI Computer Vision to realise a holistically sustainable agriculture, farming, and forestry in Indonesia. During the three weeks long hackathon period, participants will receive intensive mentoring program to produce a prototype of the participant's proposed solution and a proof of concept .

Who may participate in Codegreen AI Hackathon?

Everyone above the age of 18 whose domicile is in the Republic of Indonesia or the European Union or the United Kingdom or the European Economic Area may enter the competition. There is neither upper age limit nor barrier to entry due to nationality or occupation for Codegreen AI Hackathon.

What can I win from this competition?

The five winners of Codegreen AI Hackathon 2021 are entitled to a total grand prize of 10,000 that consists of cash money, AWS Credit, access to Techbros GmbH’s Edge AI technology “Elang.AI”, and 30 days developer support.
Participants who qualify to the second shortlist round will receive feedback of their submitted idea.

How can I enter the competition?

To be registered in this competition, you have to first fill the Registration Form. Please remember that filling this form doesn’t mean that you are already enrolled in the competition. There will be a separate Submission Form for submitting your idea in a pitch deck. When you submit your idea to us in the form of a pitch deck in the Submission Form, you are legally binded to participate in the Codegreen AI Hackathon.

I don’t have a team. Can I still participate in the competition?

Yes. Both individuals and teams with a maximum five (5) people are welcomed. However, we do not recommend that you enter as an individual. To facilitate participants in finding teammates, a Networking Event will be held virtually on the 4th of September 2021.

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